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Hengyang wholesale brand Shihe flooring

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Hengyang floor wholesale , Shihe floor. Viklnc-timber is a timber company from Sweden, northern Europe. Its products are mainly used in interior decoration, furniture and construction industry, and are loved by European consumers. Its unique business philosophy and sales model are also deeply affected by the "fast realism". Viklnc-timber company of Sweden and Hubei Falin lanca Wood Industry Co., Ltd. invested in 2008. Now it has 1 scientific research center, 3 production bases, 4 raw material bases and more than 50 raw material cooperative joint ventures. The company has the own brand of Shihe floor, and the floor products have a complete range of specifications, which has a strong and competitive advantage in the market. We have invested a lot of money to set up two wood flooring production bases in Nanxun and Hubei, and introduced 8 production lines, 3 UV coating production lines, 150 meter automatic production line and 24 leading intelligent wood drying kilns from Germany and Taiwan. The company's products mainly include solid wood floor, solid wood composite floor, laminate flooring and floor auxiliary products. The annual production of wood floor is more than 5 million square meters, and has won a number of national patents. Especially in 2017, we successfully developed the formaldehyde removal technology of laminate flooring in the product process, and obtained the national technical patent (patent certificate No.: zl201720547070.8)

The company's "Shihe" brand was founded in 2008, the product style is novel and diverse, and its exquisite and meticulous handcraft makes Shihe floor become an excellent brand among similar products in the world. At present, Shihe floor sales network has spread over many cities in many countries. The perfect product combination, advanced production equipment and production technology ensure the product quality, and the careful brand strategy deployment also provides a broad space for the development of Shihe agents.

Shihe floor Hengyang floor wholesale, the company's products variety, the company's new products on the new fast. Welcome the majority of dealers to order.

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