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The original bedroom is so suitable for paving wooden floor!

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Bedroom, as a very important place in the home, the quality of the layout also needs our attention. today, Top ten brands of wood flooring Xiaobian and you talk about the benefits of wood flooring in the bedroom.
 Top ten brands of wood flooring
The original bedroom is so suitable for paving wooden floor!
1. Ensure privacy
Bedroom to be quiet, sound insulation is good, the door had better use opaque material.
2. It should be convenient to use
A large number of clothes and bedding should be placed in the bedroom. Storage space must be considered when decorating. Bedside cabinets should be set on both sides of the bed to place lamps, alarm clocks and other things that can be touched easily. In addition, the position arrangement of dressing table and desk should be considered.
3. The decoration style should be concise
The main function of the bedroom is to sleep and rest. It belongs to private space and is not open to guests. Therefore, the bedroom decoration does not need to have too much modeling. It is good to follow the simple and generous style.
4. The color and pattern should be harmonious
To determine a main color, curtains and bedspreads and other cloth art accessories color and pattern best can be unified, so as to avoid the color of the room, the design is too complicated, give people a sense of disorder.
5. Pay attention to lighting
Bedroom uses warm color to adjust soft light, besides main lamp source, still should set desk lamp or wall lamp.
 Top ten brands of wood flooring
The original bedroom is so suitable for paving wooden floor!

Now there are more and more kinds of wood flooring on the market. How can we buy good products? Generally speaking, bedroom chooses wooden floor to want to follow these a few principles.

1. Adjust measures to local conditions
Small space or poor lighting conditions of the bedroom, choose the light color system of the floor can make the space look bigger, the vision looks brighter. For the bedrooms of the elderly and children, the choice of warm color floor can make people feel light and comfortable, which is conducive to the improvement of sleep quality. Therefore, more attention should be paid to color selection.
2. Choosing the right floor is the best
Only by choosing what suits you can you show your good side. Wood floor has the characteristics of comfortable foot feeling and safe use. It should be noted that only choosing the right one is good.
3. We must guard against the pollution of auxiliary materials
Research shows that people spend half of their time in the bedroom. The safety of the bedroom environment is directly related to human health. If the bedroom floor contains excessive harmful gas, people stay in it for a long time and breathe harmful gas, their health will be affected, which is not conducive to better sleep and rest.
4. It is better to have the effect of warm winter and cool summer
Wood floor can balance moisture, and it will absorb water, reduce indoor humidity, making people feel comfortable, especially for the elderly or people who are afraid of cold. If you step on the wood floor, you will feel warm. If equipped with floor heating should also choose a good stability of the floor, to avoid thermal expansion and cold contraction, shorten the life of the floor.
 Top ten brands of wood flooring
The original bedroom is so suitable for paving wooden floor!
How about, read the introduction of small make-up, also want to pave wood floor in oneself bedroom? Let's move quickly! Buy Flooring for decoration Top ten brands of wood flooring Shihe floor.

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