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Can you save money without flooring? In fact, you've lost a lot!

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Is the floor not durable? Is the floor difficult to maintain? High floor price?
In short, flooring is a waste of money! In your "aunt's" mind, the misunderstanding of the floor is so hot! Xiaobian can only say to those who have not paved the floor: "you don't understand the benefits of the floor!" today, Top ten brands of wood flooring in China Editor To "rehabilitate" the floor!
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Can you save money without flooring? In fact, you've lost a lot!
Many consumers in home decoration have encountered the problem of material selection of indoor floor paving, is it better to choose wood floor or ceramic tile? In fact, as long as the correct construction and correct use, the floor is more beneficial than tile. After reading the following content, it is enough to refresh your understanding of the floor.
1. Adjust the temperature
Wood floor can automatically adjust the indoor temperature and humidity, reduce the occurrence of rheumatic diseases, and because of its small thermal conductivity, it has the effect of warm winter and cool summer (very good insulation effect). No matter at any time of the year, if people sit on the wooden floor, they will feel very comfortable and will not feel cold and chilly, especially in families with old people and children.
2. Natural environment protection
The wood floor is made of natural trees, basically does not contain other chemical components, so formaldehyde and other harmful substances are less, conducive to health. Its ring and texture can often form a beautiful picture, giving people a feeling of returning to nature and returning to simplicity. No matter the texture is unique, it is widely loved by people.
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Can you save money without flooring? In fact, you've lost a lot!

3. Prevention of myopia
Wood floor can absorb ultraviolet rays, make people feel comfortable and prevent myopia.
4. Absorbing noise
Wood floor has the functions of sound absorption, sound insulation, reducing sound pressure, shortening residual sound time and reducing pollution of noise pollution. At the same time, the wood floor is moderate in soft and hard, rough and smooth, which can play a buffer role and avoid the risk of old people and children falling.
5. Not easy to dew
The wood floor has the characteristics of non condensation and mildew, which can avoid the reproduction of mite bacteria, reduce the occurrence of asthma disease, nose and skin allergy. At the same time, the wood floor does not contain insects and other microorganisms (insects and pupae inside the wood have been killed after high temperature and high pressure).
6. Eliminate fatigue
The wood floor has moderate elasticity, can ease the weight load of feet, and has the effect of eliminating fatigue; Especially antique floor, but play the role of foot massage, dredge meridians, prolong life.

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 Shihe flooring
Can you save money without flooring? In fact, you've lost a lot!
7. The texture is natural
The natural texture and fragrant smell make people feel as if they are in the forest and fully feel the breath of nature. The wood floor can also release negative ions which are beneficial to human body.
8. Soothe the body and mind
The texture is thick and warm, the color is gorgeous and rich, and the fashion taste is very noble and elegant. The visual effect is very good, the sense sense is strong, and the color is not monotonous. The color is warm, especially when the body is tired, it can make the body and mind happy.
9. Pollution free substance
Wood flooring wood is the most typical double green products, and it has no pollution source. Some wood has aromatic tincture, which gives out healthy and tranquilizing aroma; Its epigenetic is an organic fertilizer which is easily absorbed by soil.
10. Light and strong
It is light and strong. Generally, wood floats on the water surface with a few exceptions. In this way, compared with metal building materials and stone materials, wood is easy to transport and lay. According to the experimental results, the tensile strength of pine wood is 3 times of steel, 25 times of concrete, 50 times of Dali, and 4 times of marble. Especially as the ground material (wood floor) can reflect its advantages more.
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Can you save money without flooring? In fact, you've lost a lot!
11. Strong durability
The seismic resistance and corrosion resistance of wood are not inferior to other building materials by scientific and technological treatment. Many famous old buildings are still standing as before after thousands of years of wind and rain. Many of the former wooden captains have been immersed in water for a long time and are still solid now.
12. Easy to process
Wood is easy to process. It can be sawn, planed, chipped, cut and even nailed at will, so it can be used flexibly in building materials and play its potential role. However, due to the hardness of metal concrete and stone, there is no such function, so it will cause waste or impractical situation when using materials.
13. Mitigate the impact
The impact and resistance of wood and human body are softer and more natural than other building materials, which are beneficial to human health and protect the living safety of the elderly and children.
 Shihe flooring
Can you save money without flooring? In fact, you've lost a lot!
That's what I've done, Hope to help you! Decoration buy floor, choose Top ten brands of wood flooring in China Shihe.

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