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How about choosing cheap floor decoration for family decoration?

Release time: June 18, 2020      Reading volume: 177

  Now the decoration materials on the market can be said to be multifarious. For Xiaobai who doesn't know the decoration materials, just listening to the materials is enough to make people feel dizzy. Then how should we choose the floor materials? The decoration effect is good and economical?
The advantages and disadvantages of several common floor decoration materials on the market, as well as the price. Let's get to know it!
What are the ground decoration materials on the market now
Interior decoration, especially the ground decoration is very important, it not only plays a decorative role, but also improves the quality of decoration. For friends with limited economy, how to decorate the ground is good.
1、 Cheap floor decoration
1. At present, many houses in the decoration of the ground have chosen floor leather, but the floor leather will also be pure and has great advantages. The styles and colors of floor leather are different, and each has its own embossing effect. Therefore, when we choose other floor materials, especially some foam leather, this material will give people a sense of comfort and elegance. Among many floor decoration materials, the price of floor coating is very high, which is based on epoxy resin floor coating, The price of painting twice is generally about 13 yuan per square meter, which is about 30 yuan per square meter.
2、 What are the floor decoration materials
1. Floor tile
Compared with the ceramic tile, the tiles paved on the ground will generally save a lot of funds. Choosing ceramic tile can not only prevent slip, but also has a lot of graphics on the tiles, which is a very good decorative effect, and can be matched with Mediterranean style, pastoral style and some other styles.
2. Wood floor
If you want to achieve the decoration effect of the solid wood floor and save the decoration expenses, you can choose some imitation wood floor, because the imitation wood floor belongs to one of the imitation products of the solid wood floor, but you must do the daily maintenance work after paving, Only in this way can we guarantee the beautiful effect on the floor.
3. Plastic floor
Market mountain is a kind of foam plastic floor, and this floor is also a kind of decoration that young people like very much. Because the foam material is light and convenient to carry, its color is also relatively bright. It is not only good-looking, but also very interesting to spread on the floor.
4. Floor leather
At present, few people choose the materials of floor leather, but floor leather also has certain advantages. Its graphics and colors are different, and the floor will have a convex effect. There is a lot of space in the selection, especially the foam leather, which gives people a comfortable and elegant feeling.
These are some common floor materials, but in general, Xiaobian thinks that the cost performance and comfort of wood flooring are the best,
High quality wood floor not only has mature technology, clear texture, comfortable foot feeling, but also environmental protection, health and pollution-free

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