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Lock lock floor is popular. Do you know some advantages?

Release time: June 12, 2020      Reading volume: 170

When we buy Flooring, on the premise that we don't want to use glue for the sake of environmental protection, we often recommend: Lock floor So, what is it Lock floor What's so good about it?
Locking floor, also known as Mandarin duck button Simply speaking, it means that in the process of floor paving, the floor can be completely free of nails, glue and keel, directly laid on the ground.
Compared with traditional flooring, Lock floor Completely overcome the floor by the outside cold, hot, dry and wet change process, the production of seam, warpage drum and other issues, save the height of the room, and can be repeatedly disassembled and used, economic and practical!

The lock lock floor, which has been widely used, has the following advantages:
Hengyang floor wholesale -Shihe flooring: more stringent requirements on substrate
Lock floor The locking force mainly depends on the connection between the tongue and groove. Due to the function of the inverted tenon, in general, the locking floor can bear the pulling force of 450 kg to 1 T, so the locking floor has higher requirements on the physical properties of the substrate, such as density, expansion and relative humidity, production equipment and processing technology.

Hengyang floor wholesale -Shihe flooring: better overall pavement effect
Lock floor In the production process, the advanced laser calibration quality detection system, namely laser automatic correction, avoids the wave height difference and makes the tongue and groove more fine and flat.
The industrial standard is used to replace the manual paving standard to reduce the error of manual paving. When paving, the floor and the floor can be tapped lightly to enter the groove. Due to the effect of locking force, the locking floor extends to all sides with the change of temperature, avoiding local uplift, solving the internal deformation problem, and the overall pavement effect is good.

Hengyang floor wholesale -Shihe flooring: glue free pavement
Common flat mouth wood floor sometimes needs adhesive connection when paving, but most of the adhesives contain formaldehyde and other chemical components. If used more, it is easy to cause indoor pollution, and if it is used less, it is afraid that the connection will not be firm. Lock floor due to the role of locking force, even if no glue pavement, joints are also very close, will not because of the temperature change of uplift or cracking and other issues.
Hengyang floor wholesale -Shihe flooring: Reusable
Lock floor It is easy to be disassembled and reused. It is especially suitable for temporary places such as exhibitions and stores. If the floor can be used again when moving, say "go" and "go"!

Hengyang floor wholesale -Shihe flooring: economical and practical
although Lock floor It has more advantages than conventional flooring, and is relatively more expensive, but the cost per square meter of pavement will be cheaper.

Hengyang floor wholesale -Shihe flooring: public places and stadiums
Lock floor It has super strong locking force and is suitable for the ground pavement of public places and stadiums.
Why lock the floor and glue?
Lock floor The main purpose of installation is to prevent moisture. And when the installation of glue, you can seal the joint, play a preventive role, add a layer of insurance.
The lock lock is specially designed to leave a rubber cavity for glue flowing and solidification in the floor, which can accurately lock the floor in the design position, reduce the possibility of joint enlargement and edge warping, and improve the service life of the floor.
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