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Meiyu season, how should the floor of the home be maintained

Release time: June 23, 2020      Reading: 168

      Every May to June is the plum rain season, especially in Central China. The rain can be said to be continuous, especially for the low floor residents, it is really unbearable. After half a month's rain, the house is also wet  
The weather is rainy and humid, and the walls and furniture of the house are often covered with a layer of fine water drops, which are wet and sticky, which makes people upset. And for the owners who lay wooden floors at home, meiyutian is a nightmare. After being affected by damp, it appears to be arched, warped and mildewed, which makes people crazy
So, in this season, are you ready for moisture and mildew proof work?

Hengyang floor wholesale -Shihe floor: what harm does damp have to wood floor?
In rainy season, the air humidity is high and the temperature is high, and the house will be damp and moldy. Because of its material characteristics, wood floor will appear deformation, mildew and other phenomena after damp. Moisture is very harmful to the wood floor and needs to be handled carefully.
Hazard 1 [wet ground]
In the wet season, the slippery ground often leads to family members' slipping and falling, and it also causes the muscle tension, fatigue and mental pressure that people bear when they walk or work on the wet ground.
Hazard 2 [floor warping]
One of the most important reasons for all wood floor warping is that the installation environment is too humid. If the humidity in the room is too high, it will lead to irregular expansion of the floor, thus warping. Therefore, if you do not fundamentally solve the problem of high humidity, no matter what floor or will appear warping phenomenon.
Hazard 3 [breeding bacteria]
In a dry environment, the mycelium of mold drifts in the air. When the environment is humid and the temperature is suitable, a large number of mold will grow, leading to moldy floor. Even if the floor substrate is environmentally friendly, harmless to the human body, microorganisms can also reproduce on it and cause mildew.
Hazard 4 [floor bug]
Wood is the most easily damaged by insects. Undoubtedly, wood floor will become the first choice of insect damage. The generation of insects requires a certain humidity and temperature, so if the floor insects, the vast majority of the reason is caused by humidity, so the key to pest control is moisture.

Hengyang floor wholesale -Shihe flooring: how to do a good job in the moisture-proof work of the floor?
1. Choose appropriate moisture-proof materials
Choose moisture-proof material, moisture-proof performance is the most important technical index of wood floor. The floor with poor moisture-proof performance, under the long-term "steaming and baking" of geothermal energy, once the moisture enters, the edge of the floor will be warped, causing damage to the floor. The floor with good moisture-proof performance adopts high-density base material, and the water absorption thickness expansion rate is far less than the national standard. In addition, special wear-resistant layer, decorative paper, balance layer, can be a good substrate "closed", to ensure that the overall floor moisture-proof effect is better.
2. Flexible temperature adjustment
Humidity adjustment should be flexible, the floor is very sensitive to the humidity of the air. If the air is too humid, the floor is easy to mildew and deform. In the wet time, the floor is easy to absorb water and expand, causing arching, deformation and other conditions. In hot and humid weather, the water vapor on the floor surface needs to be dried with dry cloth, and the dehumidification function of air conditioner should be turned on regularly for dehumidification. Indoor ventilation also needs to be carried out timely, the air humidity at noon is at the highest value, it is not suitable to open the window, generally choose to open the window when it is dry in the afternoon.
3. Floor waxing to keep fresh
Often wax to keep bright, the most important point of daily maintenance of wood floor is waxing. When the wooden floor is used for a period of time, it needs to be waxed again, which can not only volatilize the residual moisture of the construction, but also prolong the service life of the floor. In addition, the floor should be waxed every quarter to keep the floor surface bright and waterproof.
4. Pay attention to water consumption when cleaning
Pay attention to the control of water consumption, in the daily maintenance of the floor, cleaning is a necessary item. General stains can be treated with soft dry dishcloth. For stains that must be cleaned with water, it is recommended to use a cloth that is soaked and wrung dry until it does not drip. The best way to wipe the floor is to open the doors and windows immediately to let the air circulate and dry the floor. In wet weather, dry cloth can be used to wipe again, and then air conditioning dehumidification.
5. Activated carbon prevents wet floor
Activated carbon can keep the floor in a good humidity environment. Because of the double functions of moisture absorption and moisture retention of activated carbon (two-way humidity regulation), the floor will not dry and crack in long-term use, and the floor will not be too wet and mildew when there is moisture; In the plum rain season, this effect is more significant.

Hengyang floor wholesale -Shihe flooring: emergency treatment of wood floor affected by damp
The weather is unpredictable. In daily life, although the wood floor is taken care of in various ways, there will be accidents, such as forgetting to close the window in case of rainstorm, or forgetting to turn off the tap at home, etc. The floor is affected by damp and soaked from time to time. When the problem appears, at a loss or misuse of methods, may lead to floor damage irreparable. The key to the success of the floor moisture-proof is how to correctly deal with the floor water and mildew. Choosing the right time and using the right method is the key of floor moisture-proof.
Tips1: emergency treatment of water stained floor
In our daily life, we often spill water on the floor. Many people think that the most effective way is to use an electric fan or air conditioner to dry it immediately. In fact, do not need to be too nervous, as long as the amount of water is not big, and the time is short, water will not penetrate into the floor. At this time, just wipe the water with a dry cloth.
Tips2: emergency treatment of floor soaking
If the wood floor is not soaked seriously, the moisture on the surface can be absorbed in a short time, and then the water vapor will be absorbed by the vacuum cleaner at the joint gap of the floor. Small area can be used to dry the floor gap with a hair dryer. If the soaking area is large, after removing the water from the floor surface, close the door and window, adjust the air conditioner to the lowest temperature, and adjust the cooling time of the air conditioner according to the actual situation. Generally, the floor can dry in about one day.
Tips3: emergency treatment of floor soaking water
If the wooden floor is soaked in water, the floor in the house should be removed at the first time, and the solid wood floor should be removed by professionals. After the demolition of the floor to be placed in a ventilated place to dry, can not be exposed to the sun, because the rapid loss of moisture caused by exposure, will lead to floor deformation. If it is part of the water, clean a period of time to observe whether there is a significant change in the floor, if there is warping can be partially replaced, and must wait until the ground is dry before paving.
Tips4: emergency treatment for moldy floor
If there is a small amount of mildew on the floor surface, mix it with warm bleach in the ratio of 1:3, and wipe it with a rag. Bleach concentration should not be too high, too high concentration will damage the wax on the floor surface, so that the floor is wiped off. If the local floor interior molds, the moldy floor needs to be removed immediately and replaced with a new floor, so as to avoid mold infection of other intact floors, leading to a large area of mildew.
Hengyang floor wholesale -Shihe floor reminds consumers of Meiyu season, pay attention to the maintenance of the floor, so that the home environment is more comfortable.
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